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mental refuse bin: let it out.

posted Jan 06, 2012 23:02:56 by Sunanda
This is the Satsang refuse bin, a place to get those trivial things that disrupt our mental focus off our minds-- a dumping bin. A place to rant about the state of the union, whether its reality or our own impression. Let it out so you can continue your journey to centeredness. This doesn't guarantee that we'll have the same sentiments, but we all deserve the room for a good rant, and it feels much more fulling when we're telling someone else. So Here is the official space for emptying the mental fields.
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Sunanda said Jan 13, 2012 23:46:59
I had a lot of piss and fire in my blood last week about the selfish, lazy and half-ass efforts that the majority of modern society puts forth and covers with major fakeness. But all is passing and I've found ways to effectively assimilate those displaced emotions. Thank god, they come in, they go out.
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