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How do you visualize the world 100 years from now.

posted Oct 30, 2011 03:08:30 by sunanda
This summer I realized that my vision of the future had contradictions. The yogi in me saw myself lasting well over 100 years but i was raised under the influence of my crazy hippy parents and their apocalyptic beliefs that programed my limbic brain for Armageddon; that all materialism will be wiped out just as soon as I was settle in this world. Eeeks! what a yuck thought to have lurking in the shadows of my mind, and how awful an influence on my motivation level. Realizing this belief does not serve me, and that we as a human species are not really going anywhere, I have decided to let that shadow thought go. The question remains: How do I see the world in 100 years? I guess I never really thought about it. My husband says Google will be as big as Apple is today. Oh yes technology seems to be the dominate tool to a scientific mind set. But I hope for balance and harmony among humans, animals and earth, that consciousness will expand and we will have worked out all our suffering and in-just that plagues us today. That we learn as a species to give to the earth as much as we take. I hope for a massive enlightenment or heart opening that will banish our self-destructive tendencies. But I'm leaving it open for great miracles to happen so that we make it through this paradigm shift without depleting ourselves and our resources. I see the light.
What's your take on our future? What are your hopes and dreams for humanity?
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Rose said Oct 30, 2011 17:03:34
Have you heard of the Long Now and the 10,000 year clock?
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