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How long does it take to "get good" at yoga?

posted Oct 17, 2011 03:32:35 by Rose
Someone asked me this the other day. My first reaction was to kinda laugh and say "well..."
I think there are lots of ways you could look at this question. What do you think? What does it even mean to "get good" and what does that take?
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sunanda said Oct 18, 2011 01:31:13
It takes.... not trying. For me it's not about conquering yoga asanas or philosophies but exploring them. The more you go over something, the more your body and mind knows it, what ever "it" is. Every time you give "it" the time and attention you'll find something new to explore. It's never ending! And I think that's a great thing. IT keeps you attentive to your practice and isn't that the point?
MikeWinkler said Oct 18, 2011 01:35:26
Heh.. the one thing i learned... aside from Downward dog.. on my 1st day. There is no measurement of good. I am WAY better than I was years ago when I started. I feel good. measuring myself against a 70 year old Iengar master or a bendy teenager has no value. I am good. next year I will be better. Starbuck told me (correctly) that you can only compete with yourself. you are never "good" at it and always good because you are better than if you hadn't practiced.
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