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How did you get into Yoga?

posted Oct 07, 2011 16:16:47 by Rose
I dated a yoga teacher for three years... How about you? How did you find yoga?
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sunanda said Oct 10, 2011 15:26:53
My mom studied yoga under Satchidananda back in 1976. Then she met my father at a meditation group. My father didn't do hatha yoga but he was my main influence in understanding yogic philosophy. He would tell me things like "you and i are one," and at such a young age and I remember thinking, "that's gonna take me a few years to wrap my head around."
So yoga philosophy, kharma yoga, bhakti yoga, pranayama were all the main focus of our family life when i was a babe. We (the fam) also belonged to a small group of Sia devotees so instead of Catholicism I went to bhajans and satsang with mostly other indian families. As a group we would do tons of community service (kharma yoga).
I didn't start really doing yoga asanas until I was 13 when I got a goiter (a hypoactive thyroid). Of course conventional doctors told my mom it was going to have to be removed. Instead of that she took me to a yoga therapist and got me on a thyroid support vitamin. Afer a few months of sun-salutes, Shoulder stands and fish pose (these tone the thyroid) my thyroid was back to normal size and functioning. And is still to this day.
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ChereeWinston said Oct 13, 2011 14:41:05
I had just run my first marathon and was thinking I was hot shit. One of my friends said, let's go to this yoga class! I was thinking, really? Yoga? It was a "power" vinyasa yoga class and it kicked my butt! I was immediately addicted :) It wasn't until about 2 years later that I took my first Iyengar class and transitioned to a more inward practice.
waylajoy said Nov 02, 2011 22:31:47
I had taken a few yoga classes off and on, but didn't have a regular practice. I was hesitant because most of the classes I had been to (with lots of sun salutations, etc.) seemed to exacerbate my wrist problems. For a while I thought that yoga (at least asana practice) wasn't really possible for me. My brother had suggested that Iyengar classes might be a good style for me to try. I had been intending to, had even found a studio in my town. Then one day I was feeling very emotionally tumultuous, and I wasn't sure what to do. There was a class that night, and I decided to go. The clear, specific instructions led me to focus my mind and I felt a sense of relief, some settling of my internal whirlwind. In addition, the focus on standing poses in the beginner class felt more approachable for me. I was hooked. I learned that I can bring all of myself to the practice, and it will help me, wherever I am.
MikeWinkler said Nov 04, 2011 15:21:08
it was all cheree's fault
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